2月10日19点(当地时间)在德国慕尼黑的「The BMW Museum」召开IF设计大奖2012的授奖仪式。2012年世界48个国家应募的4,322件中1,218件获奖设计奖,还有包括本公司「缓冲脚轮Ⅴ〈扭杆弹簧型〉」的其中100件获奖了金奖(gold award)。



    The products of iF gold winners were projected on the screen.  

The award winners were called to the stage and presented with the golden trophy.


The award- winning products are displayed at the site.


Our president, Mr. Iyekura stood in front of the wall showing out company name, as an award winner.


This caster reduces shock, vibration and noise during running. Coming with complicated structure, existing spring loaded casters have disadvantages such as high production costs and heavy own weight. The simplest design of this caster that shock absorbing spring is integrated with the main frame, overcomes these shortcomings, and helps to minimize the environmental impact by reducing process of manufacturing and material waste. With solutions for specific technical problems in a succinct manner, the caster is simply and beautifully-crafted. This product won the Good Design Award 2010 in Japan.

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The iF Design Award was established in 1953 and is annually conferred by the iF International Forum Design. (Hanover, Germany) Every year the iF attracts more than 2,000 product entries from around 40 nations, which are judged by renowned experts, with the best of them receiving an iF seal of outstanding design quality.